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Visit Gjirokastra UNESCO world cultural heritage Blue Eye and Lekuresi Castle on a private tour image 1
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Visit Gjirokastra UNESCO world cultural heritage Blue Eye and Lekuresi Castle on a private tour

Also known by many as the "City of Stone, " Gjirokastra  is a developing center for cultural heritage tourism. A walk through its network of cobbled streets that climb steeply out of the bazaar will take you back in time. The castle which is believed is the largest in Balkans is one of Albania's most magnificent monuments. Archaeologists believe that the site of the castle has been inhabited since the Iron Age with the first fortifications, block-built stone walls - probably being erected from the 5th century. Dominated by the sheer flanks of its vast castle, Gjirokastra (Gjirokastër) is a magical city with a tumultuous past. From feudal stronghold, to Ottoman invasion, to Italian colony, the city has known many rulers and has inspired poets, authors and artists alike. It will take you almost 4 hours in order to visit and see everything amongst them even old traditional style houses built 300 hundred years ago. On our way back we stop to visit Blue Eye and last stop on Lekuresi Castle.

We shall pick you up from Saranda harbour (pier) and after offering you some of our best traditional pies as breakfast we start right away with our tour. The trip to Gjirokaster wont take more than 65-75 minutes. We shall visit first the old bazaar coming around the cobbled streets and visiting also one or two museum houses that shall surprise you with their architecture and well hidden secrets. Than we go straight to the castle where we shall also visit an weapons museum with different weapons. A big part of those weapons are trophies from the second world war but also from previous wars. Coming back from the castle which serves as a balcony from where you can make a lot of fascinating photos we may make a final stop to a traditional dishes restaurant, according to your desire. We start our trip back to Saranda and our way we stop to visit a wonder of nature such as Blue Eye is where you shall be amazed from the magical colors that this blue eyed spring and the trees and bushes surrounding it provide. Our last stop will be in the Castle of Lekuresi where once again you will have the chance to make fabulous photos of the town from high above. The panorama of sea, lake and horizon is magical. Whether you are in Saranda for just a day, holidays or in a cruise ship this is a perfectly organized trip (shore excursion) to give you the best of Albania in a fraction of time.