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Transportation to Beto Carrero Park from Florianópolis image 1
33 €

Transportation to Beto Carrero Park from Florianópolis

Rely on a quick and safe transportation between most Florianopolis hotels and the amazing Beto Carrero World. Visit the most famous attraction park of Latin America with Thematic areas, Shows, exciting rides and even a zoo!

How about a day at a theme park? But not just any park, the best of Brazil! Enjoy a comfortable and quick roundtrip transportation from most hotels located in Florianopolis. (Tickets to Beto Carreto World are not included)

Don’t miss a chance to visit the biggest theme park in Latin America, the Beto Carrero World. A Complex with over 14km divided into nine themed areas for adults and children alike.

You will spend a day watching car stunt shows and musicals, riding Rollercoasters and Splash rides, going on scary adventures. Just don’t forget to leave a little bit of time to check the Local zoo as well.

it’s certainly a must do for any family looking to have a good time.