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Sugar Loaf Hiking Tour - Costão image 1
77 €

Sugar Loaf Hiking Tour - Costão

The Sugar Loaf compound, one of Rio's most famous icons, consists of two hills. The higher one is the Sugar Loaf (396m / 1030ft), and the lower is the Urca Hill (220m / 722ft). There are tracks to both of them. The Sugar Loaf hiking starts early in the afternoon (1pm), takes us directly to the top and requires a quick climb (8m / 26ft), considered easy by the experienced and perfect for beginners. All safety equipments are included. The view of Copacabana Beach, Urca district, Guanabara Bay, Cristo Redentor and many more, is priceless. On our way down, we take the cable car to the Urca Hill and then a short trail back to the ground (after 7pm we can use the cable car all the way). In case of bad weather, this tour may be replaced.


  1. Reach one of the most famous attractions in Brazil on your own feet, by hiking and quickly climbing!
  2. Enjoy a wonderful view of the sunset from the top, before enjoying a cable car ride on the way down!
  3. Get the thrill of a lifetime while hiking and climbing the rocky shores of the Sugar Loaf!

Important: during the hike there is a short rock climb, easy, quick, totally safe and perfect for beginners (no previous climbing experience required)

Includes: English speaking guide, hotel pick-up & drop-off (South Zone) and safety equipment
Recommendations: wear light clothes and hiking shoes, bring a small backpack with water, snacks, sunscreen, cap or hat, sunglasses and money for extras
Pick-up time: 2pm (others upon request)
Tour duration: approx. 6 hours
Hiking duration: approx. 2:30 hours way up / way down by cable car
Hiking level: advanced