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Schooner Shuttle to Lopes Mendes from Vila do Abraao image 1
16 €

Schooner Shuttle to Lopes Mendes from Vila do Abraao

Enjoy your journey to Lopes Mendes with ease on a shared schooner shuttle from Vila do Abraão Port. Once there, make your own way to discover the area's many beaches, including Praia de Pouso and Santo Antônio. Travel along the ecologic trails and relax on the beach.  This tour includes round-trip schooner ride and a guide while onboard. Choose one of three departure times when you book.

Depart from Vila do Abraão at your selected time to discover the beaches of Lopes Mendes. After transportation in a convenient schooner shuttle, it is possible to see four beaches in one day. During your 40-minute ride, you will have a guide on board. At landing and boarding, you will visit Praia de Mangue.

Praia de Pouso is a beautiful, quiet beach with a floating restaurant where you can enjoy food or drink (own expense). From there, take a 20-minute walk to Lopes Mendes, considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Santo Antônio is a 20-minute trail from Mangue Beach. A small beach that lies between Pouso and Lopes Mendes, it has many rocks and a freshwater stream that ends at the beach. Make your own way to discover the many natural beauties in these beaches, and travel along the ecologic trails. At your agreed upon time, return back to Vila do Abraão on-board the schooner.

The tour duration is 7.5 hours.