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Santa Marta Favela Walking Tour

Visiting the favela of Santa Marta, one of Rio's hundreds of "favelas" (the Brazilian term for a slum or shantytown), is a local experience that gives you the chance to see Brazil from another point of view. After pickup from Rio de Janeiro, take a walking tour with a resident guide, who introduces you to daily life in the favela. You'll learn about the history of the area, see community projects, and take in views of Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain, and Rodrigo de Freitas Lake...

Since 2008, the Santa Marta Favela has been occupied by military police, providing a new favela model in Rio de Janeiro with a peaceful, visitor-friendly atmosphere. Having been visited by stars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Vin Diesel, Santa Marta welcomes visitors from around the world who wish to meet residents, learn about life in the slum and raise awareness about poverty in the city.

During this walking tour, you will be accompanied by a guide who is a local resident. Start with a hotel pickup, then follow your guide through the small streets to take in different aspects of life in a favela, and learn about the area's history and traditions. You'll walk along the same route that Michael Jackson did when he visited the slum in 1996 to record the video for his song They Don't Care About Us. From the top of the neighborhood, admire the view of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rodrigo de Freitas Lake (Lagoa), Copacabana and Rio's iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Please note: We are sensitive to the issues and concerns surrounding favelas, and we understand that this tour may not be suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that the purpose of this tour is for educational reasons alone and allows for a better understanding of Brazilian life inside a favela.