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Rio de Janeiro Favela Jeep Tour

Visiting the Rocinha favela, one of Rio de Janeiro's hundreds of "favelas" (the Brazilian term for a shantytown or slum), is a local experience that gives you the chance to see Brazil from another point of view. On this tour by Jeep, explore the favela with a guide to observe the routine of this community, meet residents, visit schools, and walk through the alleys and commercial center of the favela, where you can check out a street fair.

Your tour starts in the morning with hotel pickup by Jeep for the drive to the Rocinha favela, the largest in Brazil, located in Rio's South Zone.

Set on a steep hillside overlooking the city, Rocinha is home to about 250,000 people, and compared to simple shantytowns or slums, Rocinha has a better developed infrastructure with many businesses, giving it the classification of a favela bairro (favela neighborhood). With your guide, discover daily life in the favela as you meet its residents and visit organizations like the Samba School Acadêmicos da Rocinha. Wander along the small alleyways, and visit the favela's center of trade, Largo do Boiadeiro, where you'll find a street fair with food, drinks, and crafts from the region where most Rocinha residents are from. Your tour ends with hotel drop-off.

Please note: We are sensitive to the issues and concerns surrounding favelas, and we understand that this tour may not be suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that the purpose of this tour is for educational reasons alone and allows for a better understanding of Brazilian life inside a favela.