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Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2017: Sambadrome VIP Lounge Experience image 1
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Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2017: Sambadrome VIP Lounge Experience

Enjoy Carnival 2017 in style at this six-room lounge in the Sambadrome. The lounge has decoration inspired by the essence of Brazil. You will enjoy music played by a DJ all night long, a beautiful view of the parade, and food and drink.

Experience Carnival with a panoramic view of the parade in the Samba Arena. Celebrate Brazilian music and culture in this comfortable, 1,600 square foot lounge. The first floor of the lounge includes space for relaxing, and then you can head up to the second floor for views of the event. See the Samba schools perform as they pass by all night long.

Enjoy an open bar, full buffet, a zen space with massage services, and an area to watch the event on the big screen while you lie back. A DJ will keep you entertained all night long. The lounge will open at about 9pm, and the parade begins at about 10pm. The lounge has a capacity of only 1,000 people.