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Rio Carnival Parade Experience in Custom-Fitted Costume

Join the Rio Carnival 2017 on this once-in-a-lifetime full-day tour. Come parade with your custom-fitted costume that you can keep, on the famous Marques de Sapucai Avenue, and see the largest Samba carnival party in the world through this truly unique perspective. Join a Samba school and help them win the championship while you sing and dance to the percussion of the famous Brazilian music that makes this event come to life. Your ticket to the subway to the Sambadrome comes with a professional guide who will accompany you there and back.

After making sure your measurements are sent to your tour provider (at time of booking), let your excitement build until Rio's worldwide famous Carnival arrives.

Become a part of the energy and fun that dazzles everyone who visits Rio de Janeiro on this approximately 6-hour adventure. You and your friends will get to wear beautiful costumes and parade together (provided that you choose the same costumes, as there are 5-10 costumes of each design, be sure to book accordingly). The costumes are unisex, and will be chosen for you according to the Samba school's needs, and are subject to change at their discretion. Many colors, ideas, and original designs compose the clothing from the street blocks to the parades in the most famous avenue - the Marques de Sapucai, where the major schools of Samba compete.

Come parade in costume in the Sambadrome, as one of the stars. During this incomparable experience, you will dance near the famous mulatas, feel all the energy of the percussionists and share in their excitement and joy with thousands of others who, like you, will be ecstatic to participate in this major world event. Be sure to stay in tune so it does not affect your Samba school's chances of becoming champions. The song you are encouraged to learn will be sent to you with enough time to learn it before the day of the parade.

This package includes your custom-fitted costume, subway tickets and a professional guide who will accompany you on the subway to and from the Sambadrome. You will travel to pick up your costume the day before the parade at the tour provider's office. At that time they will tell you exactly where and when to arrive the following day for the parade.