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Rhythm of Bahia: Samba and Capoeira Lessons image 1
64 €

Rhythm of Bahia: Samba and Capoeira Lessons

During 4 hours and with the company of the best master, you'll learn how to play the main instrument from Salvador de Bahia. You will also learn how to play Capoeira as well as dance Samba!

We'll meet at the Forte da Capoeira, Santo Antonio District which is in the historical center of Salvador.

Here you'll meet one of the best Masters (mestre) of Capoeira do Brasil; Mestre Boca Rica, Mestre Curyo and Mestre Moraes.

You hear about the history of the Capoeira; Capoeira Angola and Capoeira Regional.
Initiation of Birimbau, typical instrument from the Capoeira, Agogo, Atabaque, Tambors and pandeiro and the importance of the rhythm.

The master will teach you some basic of Capoeira. And as Samba was born in Bahia, here you'll learn the basic steps of Samba. This dance is so important for Brazilian culture and it's called Samba de Roda.

During this 4-hour tour you'll meet real people from Salvador de Bahia and the masters who usually go all around the world to teach their Art.