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Private Tour: Ginga Tropical Samba Show image 1
49 €

Private Tour: Ginga Tropical Samba Show

Brazil is known worldwide as the house of Samba. But a country with continental dimensions should not be tagged for a single dance style. And so many culture and variety can be resumed in a memorable night. Ginga Tropical: Brazilian Roots will bring to you a multicultural show with a lot of joy and energy, with an on-stage showcase of Brazil's varying cultures.

Ginga Tropical is a multicultural Brazil show located in the cultural center that is a revitalized area of the historic downtown and part of the Cultural Corridor of Rio de Janeiro. In this neighborhood are important theaters of the city and the new Brazilian Crafts Museum. that gathers on stage various cultures of this tropical country. It is a show that combines diversity and culture: The Ziriguidum, the Northeast, the Amazon and the Pampas with its folklore, Bahia with its Capoeira and mystical rituals and Rio de Janeiro with its incomparable bohemian Lapa, dance halls, the performance of the legendary Tricksters, the luxurious Carnival, its fantastic drummers and beautiful mulatas.

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