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Private Tour: Art Galleries Tour in São Paulo image 1
168 €

Private Tour: Art Galleries Tour in São Paulo

São Paulo is a paradise for art enthusiasts in general. On top of its many museums, this city is the main spot for important events like the SP Art Fair and the Art Bienal of São Paulo, this last one being one of the most important in the world.

This tour proposes going beyond the conventional spaces, visiting the best and more representative art galleries of contemporary art in the city. The tour includes visits to different galleries which will be chosen accordingly to the available exhibitions and taking into account the interests of our clients.

Our tour guide will meet with you at your hotel or any other starting point pre-established and will take you in private transport to experience an amazing moment in the contemporary art universe in the city of São Paulo.

With over 100 galleries of contemporary art and with a dynamic of exhibitions in constant renovation, these are the most interesting places to appreciate and get a better understanding of the local artistic scene.

The itinerary contemplates many spaces in famous neighborhoods such as Vila Madalena, Jardins, Centro, Itaim. Higienópolis, amongst others.

This tour has a duration of about 4 hours and its itinerary visits different art galleries which wil be chosen according to the available exhibitions and the interests of our clients.

At the end of the tour you will have a larger comprehension of why São Paulo is considered the cultural capital of Brazil.