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Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour at Tijuca National Park image 1
81 €

Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour at Tijuca National Park

Pedra Bonita hiking tour requires light physical effort and takes you to the summit, which is a natural viewpoint with one of the most spectacular views of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Your tour begins at Tijuca National Park where you will hike to the Pedra Bonita summit, which is a natural viewpoint at over 2200 feet (693 m) above sea level and located in the sector C of the Park.

During the tour, your guide will take you for a hike on the Agulhinha Gavea trail, a natural counterfort, or buttress, with a beautiful view of the Dois Irmaos Hill then head to Pedra Bonita. Once you reach the top of Pedra Bonita, you can admire beautiful scenery. You can see Pedra da Gávea in all its magnificence, between the beaches of Barra da Tijuca and São Conrado. This, combined with the immensity of the Tijuca Forest in the background, makes the perfect view and place for peace and beauty.

Due to its location, Pedra Bonita region has the only gliding ramp in the city of Rio de Janeiro from where you can hang glide or paraglide. The gliding ramp has a grandstand so you can actually watch the takeoffs and take great pictures.

The hike's total duration is about 4 hours and it is the perfect adventure for those who want to hike through the forest and be dazzled by one of the most beautiful views in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Have in mind that if you choose regular option, the meeting point is at the grandstand of the gliding flights take off ramp because it is the only place in the region with mobile phone service. To reach the ramp, you'll have to go up to the second parking lot and take the stairs on your left, where you'll find the ramp area.

Meeting point (if regular tour option selected) : At the gliding flight take off ramp, accessed at Estrada das Canoas next to number 4000 in São Conrado neighborhood.