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Paragliding Tandem Flight in Gruyère Region Switzerland image 1
134 €

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Paragliding Tandem Flight in Gruyère Region Switzerland

This paragliding tandem flight is our most popular activity. Accompanied by an experienced pilot, you will have the pleasure of flying facing the Alps or the Alps with stunning views of Gruyère.

Paragliding tandem flight takes place at the end of the morning and into the evening. Your driver will take stunning and surprising photos and videos throughout the flight. You will be free to acquire them for 30 CHF extra.

For people rather calm and temperate, the great two seater flight is a classic. Under the guidance of an experienced pilot, we suggest a 25 minutes flight.

For the person who has never done paragliding and wants to try just a little flight , a baptism flight of 10 minutes is suggested.
For the person who loves the adrenaline, the acrobatic flights are the most appropriate. You can safely perform tricks defying gravity for a period of 30 minutes.