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MultI Activity Tour in South Coastline Albania image 1
495 €

MultI Activity Tour in South Coastline Albania

In case you decide to actively spend your holidays the ideal choice would be the Multi Activity Tour. If such an itinerary is your choice, it is going to be beneficial because all the above mentioned activities are included. All you need to do is to choose the season you want to visit and explore together the Albanian natural beauty.

Day 1 - You will be meeting the guides in the coastal village of Jala. After a short introduction, you can spend the rest of the evening enjoying the wonderful beach of Jala.
Day 2 - Stand Up Paddle Day
A short introduction for about 15 minutes will be organized in order to become familiar with the correct use of Stand Up Paddle and the required equipment for this adventure. It is time for our exploring adventure towards Figs Cave to begin once we have put on the vests. Shortly after we have started our adventure, tiny beaches will reveal in front of us. We will be astonished by the breathtaking scenery of unexploited coastline. Some of the places to be visit are: Forgotten Beaches, Sirens Cave, Beach & Cave of Figs. After reaching our destination by stand up paddling, we will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Day 3 - Scuba Diving Day
There's nothing like it. Diving is much easier than you might think! Be ready to enjoy the new challenge and dive into a new world!  A competent, well trained PSS Instructor will teach you everything you need to know. Under their guidance you will learn all required skills and become completely comfortable with the equipment you're using during your underwater adventure. You can make nice pictures in the transparent waters of Jala beach.
Day 4 - Trekking from Jala to Gjipe & Rock Climbing in Gjipea Canion.
Duration of this trekking is 90 min. After reaching our destination and be relaxed to the wonderful beach of Gjipe, we are ready to start with the next adventure, Rock Climbing. Throughout this activity you will be provided with the necessary equipment and will be accompanied all the time by professional climbing guides.
This an experience worth living. Apart from the indescribable adrenalin this sport offers, the view revealed from the top is spectacular.
Day 5 - Off Road Adventure – 4WD Explore Day
For all of you lovers of Off Road adventure this is the perfect day. You will explore by 4x4 the panoramic village of Piluri. Your 4x4 adventure will continue with the visit to the Secret Place & the famous Castle of Ali Pashe Tepelena,
Day 6 - Kayak Day
A short introduction will be held with a view to having a clearer idea related to kayak utilization and safety equipment. Following our carefully planned itinerary you will visit the Forgotten beaches, the Mermaid cave, Figs cave, the Pirates cave and returning and stopping on the beach and canyon of Gjipe, otherwise called as “The Gods Garden”.
Day 7 - Stand up Paddle Monster in Wild Beachs
30-minute-drive to start in this way your new adventure. It is time for your exploring towards Wild bay. To be visit: the “Pigeons Cave” & other beaches will be visited.