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Kruja and Sari Salltik Hiking Tour from Tirana image 1
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Kruja and Sari Salltik Hiking Tour from Tirana

Kruja and Sarisalltik Cave tour is a combination hiking and cultural day tour starting from Tirana. Kruja is a town just one hour drives from Tirana and has been the capital of Arberi principality on middle-age when on leading of our national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu, Albanians defeated the Ottoman Empire for 25 years.

In Kruja you can have the possibility to visit a wonderful old bazaar with many handy craft products under the "Made in Albania" brands also the Ethnographic Museum and the Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu museum.

After you finish with the cultural part, prepare yourself to start the hike to the Holy Cave of Sarisalltik a 13th-century semi-legendary Turkish dervish, venerated as a saint by the Bektashis in the Balkans and parts of Middle East.

Walk will follow through the modern city of Kruje in some big steps between neighborhoods and in an asphalted road until we reach the trail to the cave that is used from centuries by the pilgrims to pray at the tekke inside the cave. The mountain of Kruja is called by the locals as the "Adriatic Balcony" from the stunning view that offers day and night.