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João Pessoa Walking Tour  image 1
10 €

João Pessoa Walking Tour

Walk around and visit all the main sights of one of the most exciting cities in Brazil. Craft Market, historical centre and the most eastern point of the Americas are in the itinerary.

A city walking tour is included in the tour where you will be taken to the main tourist spots like Cabo Branco Lighthouse at Ponta do Seixas, considered the most eastern point of the Americas, where the sun rises first. You will also visit the Science Station, where you will be able to see the work of the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, and the historic centre of the third oldest city in Brazil. Church of San Francisco, Solon de Lucena Park, Praca Antenor Navarro, Globe Hotel, Three Powers Square, Basilica N. Sra. das Neves, Sao Bento Monastery, Craft Market and Church of Our Lady Carmo are also in the itinerary.