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Itaipu Dam Tour with Catamaran Ride image 1
75 €

Itaipu Dam Tour with Catamaran Ride

Enjoy a visit to the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam, responsible for the production of 95% of the electricity consumed in Paraguay, and for 24% of all Brazilian consumption. This bi-national enterprise is built by workers, technical operators and engineers from Brazil and Paraguay and proves day after day, its magnitude in the national and the international scene.

There are two options of tours at the Itaipu Dam. A panoramic tour where you will watch a documentary film on the power plant and see the dam and spillway from the central observation deck without entering the facility. Or the technical tour that involves watching a documentary film on the power plant, seeing the dam, the spillway from the central observation deck and also visiting the facilities of Itaipu Dam. As the ticket is not included, you can decide which option you want to take on the spot.
Then, enjoy a memorable tour of the Itaipu lake. Ideal for taking in the lush landscape. The boat leaves the port Catamaran, the last stopping point of the visit for the Panoramic Itaipu, and navigates the imposing dam of Itaipu Dam, about 8km (5mi) in length, linking Brazil and Paraguay.
During the 1970's and the 1980's, while it was under construction, the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam was regarded as a pharaonic work, fruit of the megalomaniac commanders ruling Brazil in those years. Today, after three decades, the perspective is quite different. The first generator unit started to operate in 1984, and since then the power plant has successively broken production and revenue records.
Besides the production of energy, Itaipu also stands as a symbol of environment preservation. The company runs the Biological Haven Bela Vista, continuous reforestation programs and projects that foster fish production as well as wild animal reproduction. There is also an Eco-museum that tells the story of the construction and maintenance of this unrivaled work.