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Introductory Rio Rock Climbing Experience image 1
140 €

Introductory Rio Rock Climbing Experience

Climbing baptism in Rio de Janeiro includes an introduction lesson of the sport, professional rock climbing instructor and equipment for use in class.
The rock climbing is commonly seen as a sport of freedom, practiced only by those with greater resourcefulness and adaptability. But in fact anyone interested can learn the necessary techniques of climbing, which are independent of physical size, and practice safely this fantastic adventure sport.

In this activity, there will be routes of 10-50 meters in natural environment (top-rope) to give the practitioner a sense of being in the rock. It is noteworthy that, as well as diving, climbing baptism in Rio de Janeiro is offered for beginners, providing a first contact with the activity. Over 8 years of age may be eligible.

The participant will learn the basics about equipment, progression techniques and safety procedures. It's easy to understand how climbing is a safe and enjoyable sport. The climbing locations may vary according to availability, but we will always prefer routes in Urca, international center for rock climbing.


Try rock climbing and learn that it is beyond a pleasurable activity, it is also very safe. Learn about equipment and safety techniques, feeling all the emotion of the sport. Book your climbing baptism in Rio de Janeiro!