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Ilha do Mel State Park Day Tour from Curitiba

Private day tour to Ilha do Mel State Park, a nature conservation area in Paraná´s coast. The tour will start in Curitiba early in the morning.

Ilha do Mel State Park is a car-free island, perfect to hike, enjoy the nature and forget the all-day stress.

Ilha do Mel State Park (Honey Island) is located about 115 km away from Curitiba and has the most beautiful places on Paraná´s coast.

The island is perfect for nature lovers and hikers.
There are no cars on the island: only sandy trails. More than 90% of the island is under nature protection and visitors should not expect luxury, but wish to have contact to the nature and wish to hike.
From Pontal do Sul boat to the island, getting off at Brasília Beach. The guide will lead you through the trails and most beautiful places.

Our tour suggestion:

Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres: The fortress was built between 1767 and 1769 in order of the Portuguese King and later on restored. To it is an open-air museum and full of legends about hidden treasures.

Farol das Conchas: The lighthouse was built in 1872 and is still to a reference point for nautical navigation, which want to call at Paranaguá and Antonina.

Beaches: The best ones for taking a bath are praia de Fora, das Conchas, do Farol and Praia Grande. Ilha do Mel is also very known for surfing.

Lunch is optional and the guide will show you some good places for eating.

Departure at 7 am and return about 7 pm.

Please Note: Boat on the island from one place to the other is not included.