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Galinhos from Natal

Located on the beautiful Costa Branca, Galinhos is an old fishing village with stunning natural surrounds. Home to a semi-deserted beach, the small town boasts enchantment, peace and quiet. Enjoy this great escape on a full day trip from Natal and prepare yourself to be amazed by Brazilian culture and nature. A fun day trip for the whole family!

Enjoy a scenic 100 mile (170km) drive along the northern coastal region, and experience tropical South American nature before arriving at the quaint fishing village. Accessible only by boat, Galinhos is located on a peninsula and is home to roughly 2,000 residents. While fishing and salt cultivation remain the sole basis of its economy, there is definitely charm in the area!

Leave your bus behind and experience the combination of mangrove swamps, sand dunes, salt flats and oil fields! Come experience the charisma of Galinhos, where the only taxis are horse-drawn carts and the visiting 4x4s!

Everything seems to happen in slow motion in this isolated and deserted corner of Rio Grande do Norte's Costa. For you, it's a family friendly day of pure relaxation, beach activities and unforgettable memories.