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Full-Day Jeep Tour to Karavasta Lagoon from Tirana image 1
65 €

Full-Day Jeep Tour to Karavasta Lagoon from Tirana

Jeep tour in Karavasta lagoon is the tour that shouldn't be missed. The tour starts in the sandy off-road at the National park of Divjake, from the pine forest to the sandy beach.

Get picked up from your hotel in Sheshi Skenderbej at 8:30am ready for the tour to begin at 9am. Climb into the jeep and travel to Karavasta Lagoon, the largest offshore wetland in Albania, approximately one hour away.

At the lagoon, stroll around and enjoy scenic views of pine trees, small islands, and the long sandy bar which separates Karavasta from the Adriatic Sea. Your guide will explain the history of the lagoon, as well as some of the rare flora and fauna which can be found there. Keep an eye out for Dalmatian pelicans, as well as flamingos and other wildlife.

Hop back into the 4x4 and take a trip along the sandy belt between the Karavasta and the Godulla lagoons in the southern part of Divjaka. The lagoons are connected by three channels and surrounded on all sides by brackish water habitats, forests, and Mediterranean shrubs.

Arrive at Divjaka National Park, a dense forest of pines and deciduous trees on the northern part of the Karavasta lagoon set between the sea beach, agricultural fields, and the River Shkumbini. Enjoy the serene surroundings and snap some photographs of this unique habitat.

At the end of the tour your guide will drop you off back at your hotel.