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Full-Day Amazon Boat Tour in Alter do Chao image 1
60 €

Full-Day Amazon Boat Tour in Alter do Chao

Alter do Chão Incredible - Selvagem Tours customized the nicest and most-booked tours in the Amazon: it is our Alter do Chão Incredible, a unique and very pleasant way to experience all 10 of the best sights and attractions in and around Alter do Chão.

Meet at the tour operator's port in Alter do Chão and your professional local guide will lead the way and teach you about each destination. You can choose between a faster, smaller speedboat, or a slower, larger regional wooden boat depending on your desired mode of transportation.

Meet your guide at Alter do Chão Port, and start your tour. For your comfort and well-being both boat options will come with beach service, water, ice, and fresh fruit with beer for the fast boats and caipirinhas and a full bar stocked with the best hot and cold beverages for the regional ships.

Begin in the wonderful Green Lake made by 14 natural springs, featuring amazing flora and swimming opportunities in clear fresh waters. Shortly following is a beautiful canoe ride to the Enchanted Forest, where you will enjoy the peace and beauty of the forest. Observe many birds in the lake and with a little luck you may see monkeys and sloths on the surrounding islands. 

Next, stop at the famous Island of Love for a relaxing 1-hour trail to the next destination, Piraoca Mount. With a fantastic 360 degree view you can take amazing pictures of the Green Lake, Alter do Chão and the Tapajós River. Relax on the beach, take a dip or have a few drinks.

Continue your adventure through the Jacundá Lake, stopping at Mureta Lake to walk on the beach and swim directly in the clean waters of the Tapajós River.

After, visit Jurucuri Lake and then the historic Pindobal Beach where you will learn about the rubber history in the Amazon. Enjoy a native lunch with delicious local fish, meat and wild chicken plus all the goodies that come with it.

When ready, continue to Piranha Lake, named fittingly because of the black piranha that inhabit it. Following this, you will head to Selvagem Beach where you can enjoy a delightful picnic with fresh watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut. This beach is an incredible setting for photos, walks on its white sand beach, climbs on its giant rocks and swims in a paradise that looks like the sea.

Up next, sail to Crocodile Lake - one of the most beautiful lakes in the region with real alligators, turtles and a lot of beauty for you to reflect on the memorable day.

Your journey ends with a stop at the Cururu tip - a magical beach extending into the Tapajós River where all boats touring in the area stop for a fabulous sunset and dolphin spotting.