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Day Trip to the Northern Beaches of Florianópolis image 1
43 €

Day Trip to the Northern Beaches of Florianópolis

Florianópolis has a big numbers of beautiful and interesting places to visit but if you wants to visit only the beaches of the north part of the city, this the tour for you to fill your day with pleasure and tourism.

We'll visit about 5 beaches, between Jurere International, Canasvieiras,Ingleses, Santinho and Mozambique.

Our day-trip will start at approximately 10am meeting in Lagoa da Conceição.
At 11:00am we'll visit the beach of Jurere International which is one of the hottest spots of Florianópolis!

At 1:00pm we will have a some time for lunch
At 2:00pm we will visit the Canasvieiras beach
By 2:30pm we will stop at the belvedere of Brava beach
At 3:00pm we will visit to the Praia do Santinho
At 3:30 visit to the beach of Mozambique and by 4pm we will end the tour back at the starting point in Lagoa da Conceição