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201 €

Cooking Class in Paraty

At the Cooking School of Paraty, you will enjoy a unique dinner, preceded by demonstrations carried out by international chef Iara Roberts, in her kitchen. She will present a singular proposal of Brazilian cuisine, with dishes from Amazonas, Bahia and Minas Gerais, among others. During demonstrations, the Chef shares not only stories, but also the cultural aspects of each region, explaining the origins of ingredients, their nutritional value and influences on the cuisine. The chef takes every opportunity to teach cooking techniques and professional tips.

The evening of demonstration and dinner starts with a caipirinha! Then chef Yara Castro Roberts gathers the group around the stove in her ultra-modern kitchen and demonstrates how each dish on the menu is made. Brazilian cuisine is at a cross road of cultures reflecting its roots that combines the native Indian, the Portuguese and the African. At the Academy of Cooking , you discover these interesting culture and Yara tells stories about the ingredients, their origins and their place in Brazil’s history. Along with the recipes, she gives some cooking tips that you can apply easily  at home!

Next, the superb dinner. It includes a welcome drink, then enjoy the dishes you produce together: appetizer, main course with side dish, salad, and dessert. Beverages include wine at dinner (Argentine or Chilean) then cafezinho and concluding with a cachaça tasting. 
Throughout dinner Yara entertains you with stories about how each dish entered Brazilian culture, stories about who prepared the dishes through the centuries and thus who seduced who. Enjoy!!