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Cooking And Cuisine Tasting From Tana-Malagasy Fine Foodie Madagascar Tour image 1
171 €

Cooking And Cuisine Tasting From Tana-Malagasy Fine Foodie Madagascar Tour

This is for excellent, fancy, fine food, not street food. You can be taken on a street food tour for a fraction of the price.

In the morning, between 11am, head to the market to buy the ingredients for your dinner. This in itself will be an odyssey into the flavors and endemic foods of Madagascar.

At 14h p.m, we begin of our course and preparation. We have fun preparing 3 plats: 2 courses for dinner, and the dessert. With our chef, we prepare Malagasy food, with ingredients not thrown together in quite this fashion in any other country in the world. 

We prepare all the dinner with him. And around 19h (7pm), we enjoy our hard-earned dinner with the chef! 

Note that the course will be carried out at the chef’s house on the upper town in the old quarter of Antsahatsiroha


    • Transfer hotel – chef’s house – hotel
    • Guide speaking English
    • Ingredients for the course
    • Course fees


Note: We do NOT guarantee any particular diet or allergy risk regimen. You are at 100% your own liability an risk for decision to choose, eat any ingredients or to undertake this tour. We can accept but not guarantee special dietary requests and do not control the chef's traditional cooking techniques. If you think this may be a risk to you, please choose another tour.