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54 €

City Tour of Salvador

Explore all of legendary Salvador of Bahia on this 4-hour city tour. The tour is private and comprised of a small group, meaning guests will get to see the city’s most famous sites, like the Barra Fortress and Bahia Lighthouse. Also visit colonial neighborhoods protected by UNESCO, and the Pelourinho, the oldest part of Brazil.

Experience historical Bahia, the city of São Salvador, in this walking tour in the company of our highly qualified guides. See what the first capital of the country preserves in its soul.

The experience will start at beautiful Santo Antonio da Barra Fortress and lighthouse, where we will talk about the transatlantic trade and the arrival of Europeans in the Americas' new world. Visualize the beautiful bay full of saints, and see why it was the choice of the first capital of the country.

Proceed through the old streets and their ancient mansions formerly inhabited by the Portuguese and Brazilian nobility. Visit the monument that represents the consolidation of Brazilian independence.

Experience the transition between the new and the old town, and arrive at the central location of the founding of the city of São Salvador of Bahia, the historical center listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. The city tour will continue to Pelourinho, which is the most important cultural center, and one of the major cradles of the development trajectory of the country.

Walk through the streets paved with original 17th century stones, and visualize history through the images, the prose and poetry, and culinary aromas that blend into a kind of mythical being called Bahian soul.

Proceed to visit the Jesuit Basilica Cathedral, the largest ecclesiastical power in the Americas. The historical center hosts an experience of the extraordinary church of St. Francis of Assis, popularly known as the golden church, which is renowned nationally and internationally for its artistic opulence.

Then, take a break for a delicious drink before moving onward to Pelourinho. Dive into the Brazilian historical past, see the beautiful Portuguese colonial mansions, witness the delicacy commerce that still thrives in the streets of Salvador, and observe the scenery that renders the historical center a space of preservation for the cultural essence of Brazil.

Sights to visit:
Barra Lighthouse
Campo Grande square Independence Monument
Lacerda Elevator
Rio Branco Palace
Basilica Church Cathedral
Church of St. Francis of Assis
Largo do Pelourinho
Carmo Church