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64 €

Capoeira Class in Salvador

Enjoy a private capoeira class and learn about the biggest and most traditional form of martial arts in Brazil. Let the moves from 500 years of slavery resistance bring to you the rhythms, melodies, songs and typical dances of the Brazilian race and culture. Come enjoy a wonderful cultural experience, which includes a guide, entrance fees, a private class and transport.

Salvador is notorious for preserving and disseminating the art, music, dance, songs and traditions of African origin. These and other cultural manifestations were brought as a result of the enslavement process, and transformed in the African Diaspora through the contact and interactions among different peoples, cultures and heritages that embellish and enrich Bahia.

Among them, this tour highlights capoeira, a dance and a fight of African origin, a tradition grounded on the strength of our ancestors, an artistic manifestation of life and philosophy, a remarkable characteristic of Afro-Bahia identity.

This itinerary was designed in such a way that you may experience this tradition at a capoeira school in Bahia. Participate in a workshop, which is followed by a regular class with other regular capoeira school students.

Experience the motivation that encourages us to preserve this art form that is expressed through the body, and promotes balance of the mind.