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Buthrotum, Saint George Monastery, Ksamil and Lekursi Castle from Saranda image 1
45 €

Buthrotum, Saint George Monastery, Ksamil and Lekursi Castle from Saranda

Experience the cultural, archaeological and religious heritage of Saranda on your 5-hour tour. Visit the ancient town of Buthrotum, Saint George Monastery, Ksamil and its islands. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere created by a combination of archaeology, monuments and nature. From mystic ancient temples, dreamy and imposing medieval castles to elegant Byzantine churches, timeless olive groves and the deep blue of the eternal Ionian sea, the possibilities in Saranda are truly limitless. Your once-in-a-lifetime tour includes round-trip transportation from your accommodation.

Your 5-hour tour begins when you are picked-up at your selected location. You will be transported in a comfortable vehicle to the 14th century Saint George Monastery, located on a very narrow strip of land that divides Butrinti Lake from the Ionian Sea. Immerse yourself in the panoramic view of the town and the sea from one side and the Butrinti lake from the opposite bank. Remember to bring your camera to capture amazing photos.

Head to Ksamil where to experience the a breathtaking view of the sea, sun and islands. You will see a fish harvesting reservoir located in the sea.

Enter the National Park of Butrint where you will examine the impressive remains of a Roman theater and travel along a historical route that shows you a temple, an ancient fitness center with public baths, an aqueduct, and a Byzantine church with a one-of-a-kind well-preserved baptistery.

The Lake’s Gate and the Lion’s Gate are also on our way with more history to tell as several fountains and wells that also have their astounding secrets to show. We shall end this route with views of a hilltop castle from the Venetian period after a visit to the museum that is inside the castle.

After spending a couple of hours in Buthrotum youwill travel to your next destination, the Lekuresi Castle. The castle of the 18 century offers a magical panorama of everything we have seen so far, an astounding view of the town from the heights of a hill and also the best photos to share with all your friends and relatives being convinced that you chose the best itinerary in order to enjoy some of the best attractions that this city has to offer.  The guide will be all the time by your side explaining you the history of Buthrotum  ,and not only, from the ancient times until the time when the first excavations started to revive the city. We shall try to answer to all your questions and curiosities so that you get sure that these are three hours well spent inside this ancient city and its perfectly preserved amphitheater, baptistery and more.

Your guide provides commentary about Saranda's history and economic development.

We shall pick you up everywhere you may be located and bring you back at the same place or wherever you want us to take you. The entrance ticket in the ancient town is not included but we shall offer you plenty of water and snacks in the form of different traditional Albanian pies so that during this time you also have the chance  to try our famous cuisine. Depending on your program and the time at your disposition we may start the tour at any time . Its always when its more convenient for you regarding the time we start the tour.