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Botanical Garden and Tijuca Forest (Chinese View and Delta Wings Ramp) image 1
342 €

Botanical Garden and Tijuca Forest (Chinese View and Delta Wings Ramp)

The aim of this experience is to let you breathe in pure forest air at the same time as being in the middle of a big city. Get immersed in nature and discover one of the biggest urban forests in the world. Get your camera ready! You won’t want to miss a single angle from one of the most coveted views of the city.

The Find Your Rio host will come and meet visitors at the designated time, before starting the experience at the Botanical Gardens. You will see the famous Dom João VI Garden before moving straight onto the Floresta Da Tijuca National Park, stopping at the Chinese Belvedere Viewing Point. Later, we’ll go to the Hang-gliding Ramp, the place where Rio’s paragliders and hangliders take off. On the way back, we’ll make a strategic stop at São Conrado beach to take some photos, and maybe even indulge in a fresh coconut juice. If you feel like having a go at paragliding or hangliding, we can make it happen! Find Your Rio can fix you up with one of our partner instructors, who can give you the perfect end to your experience.