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80 €

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Boat Ride to Tijuca Islands

Coast around the Tijucas Islands on this 2-hour guided boat tour. As you glide across the ocean’s surface you’ll be immersed with beautiful views of the picture perfect scenery around you. Catch some sun and feel the rays as they reflect off of the water and onto your skin.  Relax, swim, and even see some of Rio de Janeiro’s local wildlife.

Ride from Praia da Barra da Tijuca and relax on the water for approximately 2 kilometers as you travel to the tropical offshore islands. Enjoy the the ocean's beauty as your local, professional, photographer guide takes you around this piece of paradise.
Spend some time diving, jumping from stones, or taking photos of the picture perfect scenery. If you look closely near the rock formations, you may even witness turtles and stingrays surfacing. This tour also includes a diving mask rental so that you can discover the islands underwater wonders. Afterwards, as your tour comes to an end, you will be returned back to the original departure point.