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114 €

Anthropological City Tour of Salvador

Take an anthropological tour of Salvador da Bahia to learn a bit about the cultural history of Brazil. You'll visit sites of African history and check out a street market founded by enslaved Africans. Lunch is included.

After hotel pickup, your tour of African traditions and culture in Salvador starts in the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site known as Pelourinho. Here you'll visit the Afro-Brazilian Museum, whose rich collection depicts the history of Africans in Brazil.

Continue to the railway suburbs, and learn about the urban landscape changes that have occurred over time in areas home to descendants of enslaved communities. This tour aims to educate you about African traditions that have been preserved in the city through the centuries and gives you the opportunity to learn about the legacy of the struggle for freedom and religious preservation.

Visit the largest open market in the city, São Joaquim Market, founded by enslaved Africans in the 14th century, and then head to the old port where Africans once arrived and were sold at the slave market.

To finish the tour, visit the 'queen of the sea' house, located by the beach at Rio Vermelho, a fishing community where an altar was built in reverence to orixá iemanjá, an African divinity from the sea. Every year on February 2, a ceremony takes place to honor this African orixá, attracting more than 400,000 people.

Your tour also includes lunch with a family who has a 50-year connection to the Garcia neighborhood; you'll enjoy feijoada (homemade bean stew) for an authentic taste of this community.