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Alter do Chão Fordlândia

Fantastic Fordlândia Amazon Tour


If you visit Alter do Chão don´t miss the opportunity to live an exciting story in the jungle of the Amazons between the Brazilian and American culture marked by revolt, hundreds of deaths, disappointment and the relentless American oppression in an agro-industrial project between the years 1927 and 1945. Henry Ford intended to use Fordlândia to fuel its latex business necessary for the manufacture of tires for their cars, after failing numerous times Ford also tried to relocate the plantations in Belterra, from 1945, new technologies allowed to manufacture tires from oil products, which made the project a total disaster.


Selvagem Tours spent months visiting all locations between Alter do Chão and Fordlândia to customize a unique tour that involves all the best locations and attractions between these cities.

Day 1 - We will  enjoy the beautiful beaches of CajutubaAramanai beachSanto Domingo and Maguari Beach with opportunities for beautiful photos.
FLONA Jamaraqua we will go to the lovely Jamaraqua stream  with crystal clear water to make a delicious picnic.
We´ll go to a great local craft store then We’ll make the famous (***) Jamaraqua track with a local guides walking 9 km in 3-4 hours, visiting a huge samaúma tree, observe the viewpoint of the Tapajós River seeing varies animals and learning an unforgettable education of the fauna and flora of the region.

(****) Homemade Native Lunch – After you delight yourself with the native cuisine we will go appreciate the sunset in a (*****) Canoe trip on the stream with many beautiful landscapes.

Day 2 - We´ll enjoy Acaratinga, Jaguarari, Piquiatuba, Marituba, Bragança, Tauari, Perim, Taquara, Prainha, Itapiúna, Paraiso, Jatuarana and Itapaiuna watching lots of natural beauty, before we arrived at the charming (******) Dream Refuge.

Day 3 - Will tour the fantastic Dream Refuge with animals strolling around your feet, visit bayous, see 2 fish tanks, taste fruit direct from the trees, walk on the beaches and we will enjoy part of the track used by the famous Jungle Marathon. We will make a delicious wild dinner with campfire right on the beach.

Day 4 - We´ll continue up the Tapajos River enjoying the many natural beauties till Fordlândia.

Day 5 - (********) Fordlândia City tour to learn the city history, visit the unmistakable water tower hovering over the village, visit the huge warehouse, visit a residential street still with the original homes. Fordlândia is a place to visit by the historical context, to try to feel in the skin what was this Ford misadventure. Fordlândia is an opportunity to be part of history.

Day 6 - We will continue to (*********) Musum waterfall on the left side of the Tapajós River, a wonderful community in harmony with nature; we will visit some native homes, take a deep in a delightful stream and make the 2 hours trail to the waterfall. We will spend the remaining of day delighting ourselves in one of the best waterfalls in the area and will camp with fire and wild dinner.

Day 7 - We will return to the Musum community and depart to Alter do Chão with the last stop enjoying the magnificent sunset on the Tapajós River.
Items (***) to (*********) has small miscellaneous fees for the communities.