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Alter do Chão Aruã Waterfall image 1
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Alter do Chão Aruã Waterfall

The Arapiuns River Arua Waterfall is an unparalleled adventure for its lush banks of rock formations, its beautiful deserted beaches and long sand dunes that stretch for tens of meters. In this wonderful scenario are communities that manually produce their own crafts using straws seeds and roots for coloring and decoration, communities that create turtles, bees, fish and practice international ecotourism.

Our first stop will be at the beautiful (3) Urucureá community where you will witness his wife fabricate beautiful handicrafts and receive valuable knowledge on the arts and history of the Arapiuns River. 

We´ll continue to the fantastic (4) Caruci beach to have a pretty and fun picnic with fresh fruit “watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut.” take many photos and swimming in clear waters.

We´ll continue to the fascinating (5) Torono Tip.  Life immediately becomes wonderful when you presence a places like this … we will walk through sand dunes stretching dozens of meters, dive in the Arapiuns River and a large lake with dozens of birds flying over our heads and the dolphins showing their fins. YES, life is good…

We´ll continue to the beautiful left banks of the Arapiuns River to (***) (6) Coroca community where we will visit an artifacts shops, turtles farming, beekeeping and a unique ecotourism project in the Arapiuns River. We´ll camp in the beach with fire and wild dinner under a starry sky.

Second day – We will continue to the (****) (7) Arapiuns River Arua waterfall in a comfortable cruising speed through numerous communities and wonderful nature stopping for a dive in the most beautiful beaches on the way. We will set up camping in our favorite rocks in the margins of the waterfall or book in the local inn to explore the waterfall and the community for the day making fire and wild dinner in the evening.

Third day – We will enjoy the wonderful waterfall and its charming space swimming, taking lots of photos, well do canoeing “if available” and enjoy an ecological walk making fire and wild dinner in the evening.

Forth day – We´ll depart to (*****) (8) Zaire community, one of the most special communities we know in the Arapiuns river for its simplicity and fully built houses of straw including its doors and windows.

We will have an amazing time with real people living a simple life and have a native dinner and camp in the village.

Fifth day – Well depart in the morning enjoying beautiful beaches with a stop at the magnificent (9) great tip beach a lush and giant sand dune that certainly will impressed you… We´ll take lots of photos walk alone in the dunes and certainly take a wonderful swim.

After a refreshing dip We´ll continue to the (******) (10) Anã community where we´ll play on the beach, visit the community beekeeping, fish farm and have a delicious native lunch in of the community.
(11) Icuxi tip an incredible beach for more playing in the river and enjoying life returning to Alter do Chão.