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12-Hour Private tour of Andorra from Barcelona image 1
299 €

12-Hour Private tour of Andorra from Barcelona

Enjoy this completely personalized private tour of the Principality of Andorra, and enjoy its most important monuments and sights that this beautiful mountain valley has to offer. Take this opportunity to get to know this area located 3 hours away from Barcelona in this experience with your own private official tour guide in Andorra for 4 hours and private vehicle with chauffeur from Barcelona. Get to personalize your own experience.

Enjoy this private official tour of Andorra from Barcelona with your own private chauffeur and official tour guide in englsh in Andorra for 4 hours.

Your driver will pick you up in your private car from your hotel or place of choice in Barcelona and drive towards Andorra, where you will meet with your private official tour guide, and enjoy a 4 hour guided tour. Then, you will have 2 hours to enjoy yourselves in Andorra, of course you will have your driver and car at your dispositions the whole time.

This is a completely personalized tour. You are able to personalize each tour by just contacting us. Here is an example of some of the most important sights to give you an idea, but your tour will be completely personalized to fit your exact needs.

We will help you organize your completely personalized and unique experience in Andorra.

Amongst other monuments and sights you can get to know:

Andorra La Vella
Thyssem Museum (tickets not included)
Casa de la Vall
Església de Santa Coloma
Església de Sant Esteve
Plaça del Poble
And much more!

It takes 3 hours to drive from Barcelona to Andorra. Once you arrive, you will enjoy a 4 hour guided tour, and 2 hours to enjoy the city yourself. After enjoying 6 hours in Andorra, your driver will take you back to your hotel or place of choice in Barcelona.

You will have the private car and your driver at your disposition during the whole tour.

You will be able to personalize this tour and take impressive pictures whenever you want. This is a completely personalized unique tour for you and your party.